Hi! I’m Carlin. I’m a lifelong resident of Orcas Island, Washington. I have a lot of houseplants and I’ve been making art nearly my entire life. I have recently started running my art business full time! I work with watercolor, pen and ink, and many other mediums and I offer a small list of services including watercolor pet portraiture, logo design, and sign painting. If you have any questions, please contact me at hayworthportraits@gmail.com.


My art spans a broad range of styles and topics, and while much of it is not in any way explicit, some of my pieces contain graphic depictions of genitalia, sexual themes, general lowbrow nonsense, etc. All of my work is organized into categories under the ‘Shop’ tab above.

If you are uncomfortable with graphic art, simply don’t click the ‘Lowbrow’ link.